Everything starts with an intention. You've already set yours by searching for a way to improve your mind, body, and soul. Invest in yourself by creating a consistent practice in yoga, meditation, personal training, or a hybrid. Check out the packages I offer and choose one that's right for you.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
So start yours!


Choose Your Package!

  • Plant 🌰

    Valid for one month
    • $145.00/session
    • 4 sessions per month
    • 1 private sessions a week
    • Students can choose either yoga or meditation
    • 10% off Online Workshops & Challenges
  • Most Popular

    Sprout 🌱

    Valid for one month
    • $135.00/session
    • 8 sessions per month
    • 2 private sessions a week
    • Client can choose between Yoga or Meditation Classes
    • 15% off Online Workshops & Challenges
  • Grow 🌳

    Valid for one month
    • $125.00/session
    • 12 sessions per month
    • 3 private sessions a week
    • Client can choose b/w yoga, meditation, or PT
    • 20% off Online Workshops & Challenges