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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

~ Rumi


Create Balance

Whether you're a beginner yogi or a regular practitioner private sessions are tailored to help you create more balance and peace of mind, body, and soul. Everyone is different and my private yoga & mediation sessions are custom designed to fit clients' personal goals; Whether it's flexibility, healing, or strength.


Connect with Community

Bring yoga to the workplace with Corporate and group events! I provide on-site chair or mat yoga for companies wanting to create a healthier atmosphere for their employee. Group events are also available for bachelorette parties, family events, and much more. Check out my corporate and group events page to find out more.


Expand the Mind

My online workshops are designed for students who want to learn more about yoga and meditation beyond the mat. Online workshops are great for students who don't have the time to go to live workshops and want the flexibility to learn from home. Take a look at my online workshop page to learn more.


Yoga found me during my freshman year of college and I've been on this journey ever since. What you discover on the mat is a direct reflection of what is happening in life. I noticed that any time my body felt out of alignment so did my life. Conversely, when my alignment was restored internally my external world aligned. Over the years I have gained so much knowledge and having the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with my students is one of the most amazing blessings in my life.

As a dedicated yoga teacher based in the Fort Lauderdale area, my main goal is to guide others down the long path of exploration and discovery that yoga and meditation provide. Whether you want to move & heal your body, find spiritual growth, quiet the mind or be more present, I know you’ll benefit from my knowledge and teachings. Something I know for sure is that everyone could use more yoga in their lives.



What People Say

People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see yoga as an individual practice that affects everyone differently. Read about the importance of yoga from my previous clients.

Nicole's mastery of yoga is evident in the ease with which she communicates with her students. She takes the class step by step through each pose in a way that I have never experienced before. It enables me to continue to strive for improvements in each and every class in a natural and positive way. Nicole's professionalism, care, and concern for her students is encouraging and uplifting. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have had in my many years of practice!

Susan S. Co-founder of Humor Consultants


Yoga and fitness continuously help me to create more balance, healing, joy, and wellness in my life; in turn, allowing me to share my knowledge with those wanting to better their lives. If you have any questions regarding my services and would like to know more, please feel free to contact me!

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